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Client Experiences ~ Testimonials

Nora P. 

Membership & Annual Giving Manager

"I was seeking guidance on identifying and honing my strengths as I prepared for a career transition, so I attended Nermine's introductory Strengths-Edge workshop. I was blown away by the value of the class.


Not only did it help me better understand my own top five strengths, it helped me to look at other people through the same lens, instead of focusing on gaps or weaknesses.


The way she delivered the information just clicked with me - especially the quote "I serve us, so we can serve others" which exemplified to me how there is strength in diversity.


My 1:1 coaching session with Nermine was a total game changer. She was so generous with her time as she walked me through each of my strengths, challenging me to think of stories or situations where each strength showed up to serve me. Her kind, thoughtful approach made me feel at ease, and allowed me to really think deeply and reflect.


I had a final job interview shortly after this session, and I nailed it thanks to Nermine's coaching. I ended up accepting the job offer!


I would highly recommend Nermine to anyone who is on a journey of self discovery or seeking personal or professional improvement. She is a jewel."

Sam S. 

Assistant Manager

Having Nermine as a Strengths Coach was an incredible experience. Thanks to her program I learned innate strengths that I never knew that I had.


Everything from my personal life to my professional life has improved as a result of Nermine's program.


I would recommend Nermine as a Strengths coach to anyone looking to make strides in their personal development.


"Participating in a strengths workshop through the Brainery, I was amazed not only at the accuracy of the results but at the insights gained working with the small group. Having only scratched the surface, I met further with Nermine in a 1:1 Discovery Coaching session. What a great gift I received as she led me through introspection gently and encouragingly.


I rediscovered many good parts of me that I had left dormant or denied. Getting back in touch with the Real Me has made me a Better Me...

...and I can't thank Nermine enough."

Ruth K.

Mental Health Counselor

"I started coaching because I had started a new position in my company. Once I was in the position, I found myself questioning my ability to do the job. I felt I had an entirely different skill set than what was required. I really wanted to be successful, but I knew that if I didn’t find a way to use my talents, I would never survive this new promotion.


Coaching was far more helpful than I ever dreamed. First, it was as simple as having coffee with a friend. Not only did I benefit from carving out time for myself, but enjoyed the atmosphere and company.


Secondly, the talents and strengths I discovered in myself were astounding! I realized so many strengths that had not even recognized as such! This was priceless, I started seeing opportunities to use them in all I was doing. The strategies I learned for decision making, peer relationships and career goal setting all have proved invaluable.


Not only did my journey lead me through a successful year in my new role, it gave me courage to switch into a new career path. This new career not only utilizes the full spectrum of my strengths, it brings personal peace and satisfaction.


The biggest lesson that I learned through this process is that your strengths go with you! Wherever you are called. Wherever you find yourself, you bring all this new knowledge of yourself with you. I no longer identify myself with my company branding, I am myself. I have incredible talents and strengths and I have the ability to use them in any and every capacity. This is more than coaching, it’s freedom!


I highly recommend Nermine as a life coach. Her gentle and constructive style helped me to really discover new ways to view myself and how I operate in the world around me. She offered flexible times, places to meet and helpful suggestions for deeper insight. I was able to comfortably share my thoughts, hopes, and goals in a judgment-free manner. I always left our sessions feeling positive and uplifted. I will always be grateful for the ways I watched my life completely transform over the course of the year with her support. I am in a new job, a new home and have a new perspective about what I can accomplish through connecting with what God has made me to be. You cannot get a better testimonial than that! Thank you Nermine!!"

Jennifer A. 

Therapeutic Recreation Specialist/Guide

"Nermine was an integral part in helping me get to know myself and how taking a critical look at my strengths will help in my career and personal life. 


Using my top five strengths, I have made a successful career move that serves my personality best. With Nermine's help, I have been able to look at any challenges I face with the perspective of what strength will be best used to come out on the other side feeling successful and positive. 


She is patient and honest about her own strengths, which has helped us form a trusting bond. Her expertise as a strength coach shows itself as I have been able to slow down and look at all parts of my job individually and know which strength will be best used. 


Nermine is a wonderful listener and encourages her clients to be honest about all parts of their life, from personal to professional. She values the whole person, and her goal is to see you succeed. 


I have seen progress in my career now that I am in a place that is truly fulfilling and continue to learn how to use my strengths to my advantage, ask for help where I need it and be confidently vulnerable in my life."

Sydney B. 

Major Gifts Officer 

Cathleen C.

Project Manager


"I had a 1:1 Strengths coaching session with Nermine Zakhary because I wanted to be able to better define and highlight my skills when I started to look for a new job. Based on our conversation, I was able to tell a story on what my strengths were and how they positively impacted my work with concrete examples and workplace scenarios.

The coaching session helped me tremendously during my job search. I was able to use my strengths to answer the interview questions Tell me about Yourself or Why Should I Hire You because I could explain what my strengths were and how they helped me do my job better.  I was the only person in a job search class who could list my strengths and discuss them in STAR stories (Situation, Task, Action, and Results).

I would recommend Nermine’s Discovery coaching session to anyone who would like to discover how they can use their strengths in both their professional and personal lives.

This coaching session would benefit high-school students identify their strengths to help them decide their future careers and courses for college or vocational school. It would also help job seekers build their confidence so they can clearly define the value their strengths could bring to a company during an interview or help them transfer their strengths to a new field or industry."

Cathleen C.

Project Manager

"The YWCA of Rochester and Monroe County was interested in finding a consultant or program that would help us move towards our vision of becoming a trauma-informed organization.  Our staff manage cases that are complex, involve a lot of vicarious trauma and require diverse talent to ensure our teams function effectively.    


Nermine introduced our team to the Playing to Your Strengths Workshop which was enormously accepted and valued by staff. 

Staff recognized talents they didn’t know they had and it was fun to see the strengths of our teammates so we could identify ways to blend these talents together to become a more productive team.   
This endeavor greatly improved staff wellness and morale and we continue to use our strengths in ways that are complimentary and productive."

Carrie M.

Housing Director at YWCA Rochester

Sam S. 

Assistant Manager

Sam S.

Assistant Manager

"Having Nermine as a Strengths Coach was an incredible experience. Thanks to her program I learned innate strengths that I never knew that I had.


Everything from my personal life to my professional life has improved as a result of Nermine's program.


I would recommend Nermine as a Strengths coach to anyone looking to make strides in their personal development."

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