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Discovery Consultation

Learn how to apply your strengths!


Now that you have your CliftonStrengths report in hand, you may be wondering 'what does all of this mean' and 'how do I use it'?  

Book your Discovery Consultation to explore 

In your complimentary 1:1 Discovery Coaching Session we'll take a holistic look at how your strengths are showing up today to serve you:

  • physical well-being

  • job & career satisfaction

  • relationships with self & others

  • spiritual well-being & purpose 

  • financial well-being 

  • mearningful learning and growth


From here we'll explore where there might be opportunities for growth and step into the application of your strengths! 


Strategic Strengths Coaching™ is a dynamic, applied strengths methodology. It is not just focused on creating understanding of strengths—but going beyond that, to empower individuals to see how to strategically use their strengths to create meaningful and effective results in their day-to-day lives.



"Participating in a strengths workshop through the Brainery, I was amazed not only at the accuracy of the results but at the insights gained working with the small group. Having only scratched the surface, I met further with Nermine in a 1:1 Discovery Coaching session. What a great gift I received as she led me through introspection gently and encouragingly. I rediscovered many good parts of me that I had left dormant or denied. Getting back in touch with the Real Me has made me a Better Me and I can't thank Nermine enough." -- Ruth K.

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