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Client Experiences ~ Testimonials


What I appreciated most about the sessions with Nermine was that they led me to focus less on the jobs I wanted and more on the career path that best suited my strengths. Each session was a deeper dive into defining what motivates me, identifying and explaining experiences that reflected each strength, and gaining a better understanding about what I need in a career. Most importantly, I shifted my perspective about it being a job hunt to my interviewing the company and its employees to see if they’re a fit for me, knowing what I bring to the table. 

Nermine shows you how to put the power in your hands to shape your career path, challenge yourself to explore a better sense of who you are and what you’re capable of, and identify different industries and roles that fit your strengths, skill set, and past work experience.

- Breanna B., Engagement Manager

Nermine, the woman behind Strengths-Edge is one of the most passionate, caring and genuine people I've ever met. She has an incredible ability to see the best in people, which is the foundation for her business Strengths-Edge. She is able to provide people with perspective on how their own minds work, and how to best use the gifts they have been given. She can also facilitate this discovery experience in groups which is endlessly useful in professional, social and family situations.


I first hired Nermine to coach me 1:1, which was a worthwhile in-depth discovery experience that I think everyone should experience. I decided to hire her because I'm always looking to grow, become a better leader, and I'm experiencing a lot of changes in my life that I wanted to be best equipped to handle. It really helped me understand the way my brain works, how I make decisions and understand the lens through which I see the world.


Then, Nermine came and provided my employees (a team of 4) with her group coaching, and we still benefit from that workshop daily! It was enlightening to see how everyone's individual strengths come together to form a cohesive team, and also where our weaknesses are :.) Not only did we have lasting results and fun "a-ha" moments, but the workshop itself was a lovely bonding experience and proved to be a wonderful investment for my team. I feel good as a business owner knowing that my teammates function better together, and will also carry this information about themselves through the rest of their lives!


If you are considering a career change, looking to enhance your team's functionality, or simply interested in bettering yourself as a leader, I would HIGHLY recommend Nermine's services at Strengths-Edge. It is a worthwhile investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

-Natalie S., business owner & champion of women

sinisgalli-headshot (2).jpg

We engaged Nermine for a half-day Strengths workshop as a team-building exercise and it paid off in ways we never expected!


We work closely and collaboratively in a highly creative—and often deadline-driven—environment, which can be stressful. Prior to the workshop, personality differences could sometimes result in frustration, especially when under pressure.


The workshop helped us recognize the strengths resident in each member of our team, which has gone a long way to fostering better understanding and collaboration in the months since.


We’ve been able to appreciate why each of us contribute the way we do and better utilize our unique perspectives.


Thank you, Nermine, for helping us transition to a more empowering way of working!

- Erika Z., Creative Director

I started coaching because I had started a new position in my company. I found myself questioning my ability to do the job. I felt I had an entirely different skill set than what was required. I really wanted to be successful, but I knew that if I didn’t find a way to use my talents, I would never survive this new promotion.


I realized so many strengths that I had not even recognized as such! This was priceless, I started seeing opportunities to use them in all I was doing. The strategies I learned for decision making, peer relationships and career goal setting all have proved invaluable.


Not only did my journey lead me through a successful year in my new role, it gave me courage to switch into a new career path. This new career not only utilizes the full spectrum of my strengths, it brings personal peace and satisfaction.


The biggest lesson that I learned through this process is that your strengths go with you! Wherever you are called. Wherever you find yourself, you bring all this new knowledge of yourself with you. I no longer identify myself with my company branding, I am myself. I have incredible talents and strengths and I have the ability to use them in any and every capacity. This is more than coaching, it’s freedom!

- Jennifer A., Pastoral Care Coordinator

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