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Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance


Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance is a full day, face-to-face, living laboratory experience, empowering participants to not just learn, but also practice, the six highest return-on-investment (ROI) Strengths Strategies shown (via research) to directly impact individual and team performance.


“Taking the Strengths evaluation not only helped me to clearly identify strengths on paper but also to see them show up in my everyday life. After attending the class, I felt that I could embrace my strengths and be able to work with them, and to stop lamenting the strengths I do not have.

I highly recommend this training and strongly encourage others to try it too!”

--Jennifer A.

Here's what you can expect in our day together. You will: 

  • Explore new ways to innovatively solve problems and create positive momentum, through developing Strengths Acuity and leveraging success patterns. 

  • Expand awareness of how to intelligently, and persuasively influence others in positive ways, through recognizing and responding wisely to the needs of self and others. 

  • Discover how to mitigate individual weakness and more purposefully expand value-adding contribution through interdependence.

  • Learn the discipline of intentional creation of necessary conditions - for optimal energy and performance

  • Increase results and relational outcomes exponentially (as measured by the C2B assessment [use discount code: nerminezakhary2018], including Work Joy, Proactivity, Team Connection, and Confident Vulnerability), through the wise use of the Strengths Strategies shown above. 

Check Upcoming Events for the next available Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance workshop in your area.  


Interested in bringing Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance to your group or organization? Contact Us to discuss your specific needs. 

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