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Client Experiences ~ Testimonials

Nermine was an integral part in helping me get to know myself and how taking a critical look at my strengths will help in my career and personal life. 


Using my top five strengths, I have made a successful career move that serves my personality best. With Nermine's help, I have been able to look at any challenges I face with the perspective of what strength will be best used to come out on the other side feeling successful and positive. 


She is patient and honest about her own strengths, which has helped us form a trusting bond. Her expertise as a strength coach shows itself as I have been able to slow down and look at all parts of my job individually and know which strength will be best used. 


Nermine is a wonderful listener and encourages her clients to be honest about all parts of their life, from personal to professional. She values the whole person, and her goal is to see you succeed. 


I have seen progress in my career now that I am in a place that is truly fulfilling and continue to learn how to use my strengths to my advantage, ask for help where I need it and be confidently vulnerable in my life.


-- Sydney B.

Taking the Strengths evaluation not only helped me to clearly identify strengths on paper but also to see them show up in my everyday life. After attending the class, I felt that I could embrace my strengths and be able to work with them, and to stop lamenting the strengths I do not have.

Through the discovery sessions I have been able to understand myself and my role in the bigger picture. Prior to this journey, I had trouble taking the time to even set personal goals. This program makes my growth work a priority and it has made success in all areas of my life seems possible.

Having a Life Coach was not something I ever thought I would be able to commit to, but Nermine has helped me to not only be able to understand my strengths and now it is a commitment to myself! Goals that seemed impossible to define now seem clear and attainable.  With so many demands pulling my attention to others, I cherish the moments I get to slow down, put things in perspective and then reenergize to meet the next goal.  I cannot say enough about this experience!

I highly recommend this training and strongly encourage others to try it too!

--Jennifer A.

"Participating in a strengths workshop through the Brainery, I was amazed not only at the accuracy of the results but at the insights gained working with the small group. Having only scratched the surface, I met further with Nermine in a 1:1 Discovery Coaching session. What a great gift I received as she led me through introspection gently and encouragingly. I rediscovered many good parts of me that I had left dormant or denied. Getting back in touch with the Real Me has made me a Better Me and I can't thank Nermine enough." -- Ruth K.

Having Nermine as a Strengths Coach was an incredible experience. Thanks to her program I learned innate strengths that I never knew that I had. Everything from my personal life to my professional life has improved as a result of Nermine's program. I would recommend Nermine as a Strengths coach to anyone looking to make strides in their personal development.


-- Sam S.

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