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'Playing to Your Strengths' Workshop

Learn How to Apply Your Strengths to Achieve Personal Fulfillment and Rise to Your Strengths-Edge


Do you know your strengths? Are you living your strengths? More than any other factor, playing to your strengths enhances personal fulfillment, effectiveness - and is the greatest opportunity for excellence in all aspects of your life. According to the Gallup Organization, "we spend too much time focusing on our weaknesses, trying to make them stronger rather than recognizing our strengths." 


Come prepared to discover and explore your top 5 talent themes as identified in the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment. By doing so, you will realize the impact that strengths awareness can have on you personally and on your performance at work, home and in your community.


In our time together, we will bust the myths that may be holding you back from true fulfillment. You will learn the components of and recognize the signs of a strength, explore ideas for how to manage around your weaknesses, and finally, leave with an action plan to amplify the strengths in your top areas of

General Workshop Topics:

  • Bust the myths around strengths & weaknesses and learn that it’s only by amplifying our strengths that we can achieve success, and personal and professional fulfillment.  

  • Learn about the history of the strengths movement.

  • Discover the SIGNs of a strength and explore ideas for how to navigate around weakness.

  • Understand the impact of the application of strengths on workplace engagement, energy and  performance.

  • Observe where individual and team strengths fall under the StrengthsFinder Leadership Domains to understand the contributions and needs of each person and what that means for personal and team interactions.  

  • Consider how we can “show up” from underusing our strengths, overusing our strengths, simply transactional interactions -- or  strategic collaboration, and the impacts that result from each.

  • Reflect on previous successes to consider how we can apply strengths to our goals and dreams for tomorrow.  

  • Develop a clear plan of action to achieve at least one definite step toward your goals! 


The Playing to Your Strengths workshop is ideal for departmental work teams, organizations or associations, high school juniors and seniors, undergraduate students, faculty and staff. Imagine the impact it could have on your immediate (or extended) family dynamics as well... 


Consider the 'Playing to Your Strengths' workshop for:

  • your next department or faculty and staff team building day

  • your organization's personal and professional development series, to offer valuable growth opportunities for your members

  • your high school's college prep programs to support them as they begin to articulate what their meaningful contributions can be

  • your undergraduate career development programs to support your graduates to step into the working world with the confidence of what their impact will be

  • your family to harness the individual strengths of each person for their personal growth and to deepen your relationships 


Check here often for the next local or online class or workshop to take the first step in your personal strengths discovery journey! 


“Taking the Strengths evaluation not only helped me to clearly identify strengths on paper but also to see them show up in my everyday life. After attending the class, I felt that I could embrace my strengths and be able to work with them, and to stop lamenting the strengths I do not have.

I highly recommend this training and strongly encourage others to try it too!”

--Jennifer A.

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