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UnlockIt: The Power of Strengths Use

Learn How to Apply Your Strengths to Achieve Personal Fulfillment and Rise to Your Strengths-Edge


The UnlockIt program is a 90-minute learning session that introduces participants to the power of strengths application and provides an overview of People Acuity core concepts such as the Strategic Interdependence™ model, Blind Spots, Strengths' Needs™ etc.

UnlockIt participants will be able to: 

  • Describe the relationship between great results and the application of strengths

  • Identify the importance of knowing their own strengths/contributions, what their strengths need, and why understanding their weaknesses are important

  • Discuss the relevance of the Strategic Interdependence Model in work and relationships

  • Describe the Strengths Lens™ concept

  • Identify the benefits of taking the StrengthsFinder 2.0, the C2B Assessment, Optimal Performance certificate program, and additional individual and team strengths learning experiences


Check Upcoming Events for the next available UnlockIt webinar or live event. 


Interested in bringing UnlockIt to your group or organization? Contact Us to discuss your specific needs. 


“Taking the Strengths evaluation not only helped me to clearly identify strengths on paper but also to see them show up in my everyday life. After attending the class, I felt that I could embrace my strengths and be able to work with them, and to stop lamenting the strengths I do not have.

I highly recommend this training and strongly encourage others to try it too!”

--Jennifer A.

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