How does strengths-building vs. weakness-fixing sound?
Join me on a mission to build a strengths-based thinking community!
Meet Nermine

Nermine Zakhary is a practitioner of strengths, particularly how to strategically apply them in ways to accelerate performance, energy, relationships & results!

A Certified People Acuity Coach™, Nermine coaches individuals or small groups and also facilitates workshops to teach strengths strategies for clients to define and function in their optimal zone.

The focus is on strengths-building instead of weakness-fixing!  This positive approach allows clients to own who they are and empowers them to purposefully make their unique and impactful contributions to our world.

Nermine comes to strengths coaching with 15 years' experience in the training industry at Highland Hospital and Xerox Corporation and holds a Master's Degree in Education, specializing in Instructional Design for Online Learning from Capella University.

Nermine Zakhary, MSEd, SSCC, CPAC

Strengths-Edge Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer

Certified Strengths Strategy Coach

Certified People Acuity Coach™

I spent most of my adolescent and young adult years (attempting) to live up to the expectations of others, finding myself always in comparison mode, feeling ‘not good enough’. When I came upon CliftonStrengths and began to understand how I’m wired and that when I use my talents, I offer something valuable, my world shifted!

I’ve been on a mission ever since, to foster ‘strengths-based’ thinking everywhere I go and with everyone I meet. I want others to be able to feel good about themselves and live their best lives, armed with a full knowledge of their strengths.


My wish for you is that you will … Rise to your Strengths-Edge -- Because it’s in You!

Why flowers? Why coffee? 

Flowers represent beauty and growth. Focusing on our strengths allows us to bring out the best in us; it lets our beauty shine. In this process, we can't help but grow as we find the courage and are encouraged to step outside of our comfort zones to something greater!

Enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend is perhaps one of life's greatest pleasures; it is anyway at Strengths-Edge! There is warmth and comfort in that hot cup of coffee. The rising steam signifies upward movement and change, which is the goal with every strengths conversation, and as the steam disappears, we are reminded that as we grow, learn and practice applying our strengths -- showing up at our best becomes a way of being. 

My wish for you: 
That you will Rise to Your Strengths-Edge... because it's in you!!

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