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About Us

Meet Nermine

Nermine Zakhary is a Certified Strengths Strategy Coach who has found her passion in helping others uncover and grow their talents toriseto theirstrengths-edge.

Strategic Strengths Coaching™ is a dynamic, applied strengths methodology. It is not just focused on creating understanding of strengths—but going beyond that, to empower individuals to see how to strategically use their strengths to create meaningful and effective results in their day-to-day lives.

Nermine's strengths journey began in early 2012 when she was first introduced to the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0. Within a month she was presenting to colleagues and conducting small team workshops to help others see what makes them unique. In 2013, Nermine started using Gallup resources to coach individuals who were searching for ways to call forth their strengths.

Although she was having positive, impactful coaching conversations, there was still a lingering question: what’s next? How do Iapplythis to my life? Strengths Strategy was the answer. In 2014, Nermine completed her Strategic Strengths Coaching Certification where the focus was on how to leverage what is right, in service of helping others grow, solve problems, mitigate areas of weakness and create effective relationships.

The coaching process always begins with the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment. From there Nermine works with clients to evaluate the dimensions of wellness, clarify dreams and goals, call out what clients' strengths bring and what they need, map fulfillments, reframe weakness, skillfully leverage strengths to resolve frustrations, and translate strengths understanding into practical, relevant, real-time application.


Nermine helps her clients do all of this and much more in order to accelerate performance, achieve personal fulfillment and to make their very personal and meaningful mark on the world.


Nermine is always eager to share more! For a complimentary consultation, please contact Nermine using the form on this page.

Our mission is to support students and professionals to apply their strengths every day -
to either uncover their edge - or to re-ignite a lost spark… and find success,
to grow into who they are meant to be, so they can fulfill their purpose
and make their meaningful contributions and mark on our world.

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Why flowers? Why coffee? 

Flowers represent beauty and growth. Focusing on our strengths allows us to bring out the best in us; it lets our beauty shine. In this process, we can't help but grow as we find the courage and are encouraged to step outside of our comfort zones to something greater!

Enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend is perhaps one of life's greatest pleasures; it is anyway at Strengths-Edge! There is warmth and comfort in that hot cup of coffee. The rising steam signifies upward movement and change, which is the goal with every strengths conversation, and as the steam disappears, we are reminded that as we grow, learn and practice applying our strengths -- showing up at our best becomes a way of being. 

Our wish for you: 
That you will Rise to Your Strengths-Edge... because it's in you!!
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